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Preserving Family Traditions in ‘Hope Ranch’

The death of her father brings challenges as the family tries to preserve their ranch.

Hope Ranch is a film that talks about preserving family traditions. Rebecca struggles with her rebellious daughter Grace who is still not over the death of her father, Mike. To make matters worse, the family ranch that’s been in the family for generations is in danger of being closed. The main theme covered in this film is preserving family traditions. Viewers learn to keep in touch with and remember family members even when going through changes.

For one, Grace sees her pet horse, Faith, as her best and only friend. She chooses the name Faith because it is related to Faith in God. Even when life doesn’t make any sense, God will take care of you. Having faith in God is one of the central themes of Hope Ranch as Grace feels that her pet horse helps her connect with God. She becomes devastated when Rebecca, her mother, secretly sells Faith for money without her permission.

This image is of Faith and Grace
Faith and Grace

In addition, there is friction between the mother and daughter in Hope Ranch. The two remaining family members, Rebecca and Grace experience tension between them when they struggle to hold onto the ranch. Preserving family traditions isn’t easy when there is a huge life event that affects the family, whether it is the death of a parent or divorce.

Viewers will see that there is no clear representation of a minority in Hope Ranch. Many of the actors are white. Also, the music overshadows the acting, making it harder for viewers to understand the central themes in this film. There is a lot of unnecessary dialogue that makes the film too long.

Overall, Hope Ranch is considered a Christian movie that teaches the importance of remembering family members, even deceased ones, and those who live far away.



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