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Vicky and Her Mystery Dog Become Friends

A bond between a girl and her dog takes an unexpected twist as the dog is not what it seems.

Vicky and Her Mystery is a 2021 film that is about a girl named Victoria and a dog. What seems like a domestic animal turns out to be a wolf, something she doesn’t know about. Viewers learn the true meaning of “a dog is man’s best friend” in this heartwarming film.

For one, we see how the movie is focused on a young girl named Victoria, as known as “Vicky”. As seen in the opening scenes, Vicky is a young girl who lives with her widowed father. She misses her mother every single day since her mother died. The first few scenes of the movie indicate that Vicky has become lonely, shy, and quiet ever since her mother died, and her father makes an effort to reconnect with his daughter.

Her personality changes when she meets a dog, whom she names “Mystery”. This shows the viewers the bonding between a young girl and a dog, hence the title “Vicky and Her Mystery”. Vicky becomes attached to the dog, as the dog lifts her spirits up. Seeing how happy Vicky is with the dog, her father accepts Mystery into the family.

this image is of vicky and mystery in her room
Vicky and Mystery in her room

Her voiceovers indicate to the viewers how Mystery has grown over time. Mystery also helps Vicky become more social with her peers at her new school; the kids become attached to and friendly with the dog. She even states that she and Mystery have become best friends.

However, Vicky does not know that the dog she adopted is actually a wolf. There is a foreshadowing element that hints to the viewers about the dangers of wolves, as shown by the signs that read “Wanted – Wolves: Dead or Alive”. Sometimes, people mistake wolves for adopted dogs because both wolves and dogs share similar characteristics.

Vicky and her father face conflict when they discover that “Mystery” the dog is actually a wolf, a predator. Her bond with Mystery is short-lived, but important to her, as she discovers what it truly means to have a friend. She becomes heartbroken when she learns she has to let Mystery go but becomes even more devastated when she sees that a hunter shoots Mystery, not knowing that Mystery is tamed.

Mystery becomes an important character to Vicky in this movie, as she helps her become more confident over time. By the conclusion, Vicky lets Mystery go and join the other wolves, remembering that Mystery will always be a part of her no matter what.

Though Vicky and her Mystery is a heartwarming movie, we see there is no representation of a minority.



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