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‘The Royal Treatment’ Comes to Manhattan

Izzy and Prince Thomas learn that taking control of their own destiny requires following their hearts and making their own decisions.

The Royal Treatment (2022) is a romance film released on Netflix. The movie focuses on Izzy, short for Isabella, who works as a hairdresser in Manhattan, New York. While doing her job, Izzy experiences a turning point where she gets to meet the handsome, Prince Thomas after being offered to cut his hair for $500. Meeting a handsome Prince in present-day combines realistic fiction and fantasy in The Royal Treatment. This article will analyze some representation and why the movie received negative reviews.

Mena Massoud, the actor who plays Prince Thomas in the movie, is of Middle Eastern descent. Massoud is famously known for his big role in Aladdin (2019). Because Prince Thomas is the lead character, viewers can see there is some representation of Middle Eastern actors in The Royal Treatment.

the image of Izzy at the hair salon
Izzy at the hair salon

Though we see some representation in the film; the film itself received negative reviews. Many critics described the film as “flimsy” and “forgettable” compared to other romantic comedies. For example, while the film is set in New York City, many scenes were actually shot in New Zealand, where most of the cast members are from. In addition, Vogel Street stood in for Manhattan, so viewers don’t get to see the New York City landscape.

Another aspect that was criticized is the dialogue and screenplay of The Royal Treatment. The dialogue between the two lead characters, Izzy and Prince Thomas, does not reflect the film’s overall themes, topics, and messages. While, viewers learn the importance of making your own choices; the screenplay does not give a comedic side to The Royal Treatment.

Therefore, this film is criticized for its dialogue and setting, as they are boring and unrealistic, respectively. A proper way of introducing the representation of Middle Eastern actors is through a film that has original dialogue.



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