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The Drama Continues in ‘Tall Girl 2’

The story continues in ‘Tall Girl 2’ as Jodi finds herself playing the lead role in the school’s musical production, ‘Bye Bye Birdie’.

Tall Girl 2 is a 2022 Netflix film that continues from where viewers left off from the previous movie. Viewers continue to see Jodi’s character (Ava Michelle) develop as she learns to stand strong for herself and for her friends. The opening sequence has scenes from the previous film, where Jodi is bullied because of her height. Viewers also see a glimpse of Jodi’s speech from the homecoming dance about being confident with who you are as a person, regardless of height. We also see a recap of other characters introduced, like Harper (Sabrina Carpenter), the beauty pageant queen, and the Swedish foreign-exchange student. For more coverage about the first movie, click here.

When Jodi auditions for the spring musical ‘Bye Bye Birdie’, she finds herself hearing negative voices inside her head clashing with positive thoughts about getting the lead role. Her sister Harper notices this and can easily relate to what Jodi is going through, as she has participated in 37 beauty pageants and experienced negativity inside her herself. In addition, Kimmy (Clara Wilsey), the school bully, discovers that she is Jodi’s understudy for the musical production and is willing to do anything to humiliate Jodi, like she did in Tall Girl.

This image is of Jodi and Dunkleman
Jodi and Dunkleman

In addition, Jodi and Dunkleman’s (Griffin Gluck) relationship is tested as Jodi struggles with her feelings and rehearsals for the musical production. Jodi is distracted by her inner voice and thoughts, which Dunkleman notices. Jodi becomes stressed about playing the lead role in the musical, which causes the two to part ways.

Despite this setback, Jodi focuses on finding self-confidence during opening night, as she previously did in Tall Girl. Her internal conflict is resolved when she performs her best so the musical production becomes successful. Surprisingly, Dunkleman arrives in the crowd taking pictures of Jodi’s performance.

Also, viewers see that the main characters in Tall Girl 2 besides Jodi are struggling with their own insecurities. Harper is getting ready for college and confesses to Jodi that she wants to become a fashion designer and prove she is more capable of herself than just competing in beauty pageants. Dunkleman’s relationship with Jodi is questioned throughout the film.

In the end, Jodi and Dunkleman reconcile, kiss and dance together at a party. Overall, Tall Girl 2 is successful and recommended for younger audiences who are struggling with the pressures of adolescence and their inner thoughts.


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