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‘Rewind Thirty’ – MiamisFF Review

This review is on the short film Rewind Thirty which was shown at this year’s Miami short Film Festival. Created and released in the United States, this short film has an unclear message. This article will explain why.

This film is more or less okay, but there is too much shadowing. The characters’ faces are darkened due to poor lighting. Also, there are inadequate transitions between scenes.

Since this short film has an unclear message, it is confusing what the overall theme is about. As stated in this review, the person who created this short film has no sense of direction. The inadequate transitions between scenes show us that the scenes are poorly connected with each other, thus making the story go all over the place.

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My rating

If I were to be honest, I would say that this film has no cluvies, reducing the quality of the short film. Whoever created this short film needs to work on many aspects such as cinematography, pacing, and sense of direction. Also, this person is lacking originality and creativity, as I noticed many overused story elements, explaining why the story went all over the place.

What this person needs to consider is how the story keeps moving forward in terms of climax, conflict, and resolution. Instead, I see a bunch of unwanted elements. So, I give this film a low score.

The sound and music are more or less okay, but they could be better. The short film has low production value, with an uninteresting script. I mean, look at this short film; its contents are what I consider to be meaningless in a lot of ways.

I am practically aware of the numerous flaws I see while writing this MiamisFF review. Once again, whoever wrote this short film needs to work on their skills.






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