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Like Stars on Earth Talks About Dyslexia

Like Stars on Earth is a representative movie that talks about dyslexia to young audiences and why it is important in today’s generation.

Like Stars on Earth (Taare Zameen Par) is a 2007 movie produced by Aamir Khan Productions and PVR Pictures that shows viewers that every child is special. The movie centers around Ishaan Awasthi, an eight-year-old boy who suffers from dyslexia, a disability that prevents him from being successful in his schoolwork. Dyslexia is a disability where a child has difficulty with understanding letters and words, and the reading disorder can happen to anyone.

This article will discuss why this film has a lot of representation and diversity and why people should know about dyslexia.

Like Stars on Earth - Classroom
Like Stars on Earth – Classroom


Like Stars on Earth features a diverse cast, as the majority of the movie takes place in Mumbai, India. Furthermore, viewers can easily see that there is Asian representation in the film, as Ishaan Awasthi, (Darsheel Safary) and Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan), the major characters, are of Indian descent. Though the film is an Indian drama film written in Hindi language, it has become popular in today’s American generation because it focuses on the topic of dyslexia, which is relevant in today’s society.

The reading disorder is a disability that can happen to anyone, regardless of their racial and cultural backgrounds.


As shown in several scenes in Like Stars on Earth, Ishaan Awasthi’s poor performance in his schoolwork is based on dyslexia. His third standard (Grade 3) books have many errors and red marks, showing viewers that he has trouble recognizing letters and words. In addition, his poverty in sports skills stems from his poor motor ability, which is common among kids who have dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a learning disability that many teachers and parents need to learn and be aware of. It is still common among school children in today’s generation. People need to learn about dyslexia because kids who are dyslexic suffer from isolation and depression if they are treated poorly. Like Stars on Earth features Ishaan’s artistic talent and normal intelligence despite his disability and shows viewers that people with disabilities can become successful if they have the right accommodations.

People who are dyslexic are often misunderstood by their parents, teachers, and peers; dyslexic children are often labeled as mental retards. One scene in Like Stars on Earth shows Nikumbh’s style of teaching Ishaan letters and words using techniques by dyslexia specialists. This shows special accommodations for students with learning disabilities.

Overall, there is a lot of diversity and representation in Like Stars on Earth, especially since the film covers dyslexia.



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