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Disney’s ‘Godmothered’ is Set at Midnight

Disney’s Godmothered (2020) is a live-action fairy tale movie that is centered around a magical fairy trainee. She wishes to be a real fairy by getting a certification from the fairy training school. The movie is narrated by Agnes, the eldest fairy, who describes the magical journey of Eleanor, the youngest magical fairy trainee. Eleanor is a young woman with blonde hair, and brown eyes, and wears a pink dress.

The setting of Disney’s Godmothered plays a major role in Eleanor’s journey, as she is a fairy trainee who struggles with the challenges of visiting the real world. This is a common trait for all magical and fictional beings. Like most magical beings, Eleanor is labeled a fish out of water due to her magical powers and abilities, which normal humans in America don’t possess. When she tries to create a carriage out of a pumpkin–a reference to Cinderella–she accidentally makes many pumpkins in the patch pop, which ironically appears on the TV segment. Eleanor finds herself out of place when she stumbles into a TV station, where ironically, MacKenzie works.

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The letter Eleanor finds in the assignment room symbolizes hope and determination; she wants to show that, despite her young age, she can still become a godmother if she can grant MacKenzie Walsh, the 10-year-old girl, her wish. However, viewers can easily see Eleanor’s naive nature. What she doesn’t realize is that MacKenzie Walsh is a grown woman, who is living a lonely life, and the address she wrote in the letter is her old address. The letter itself is outdated, as it has been sitting in the assignment room for years.

The subplot of Disney’s Godmothered is around MacKenzie Walsh, a miserable 40-year-old single mother, who has trouble raising her two kids. MacKenzie doesn’t believe in magic due to her miserable life, but with the help of Eleanor the fairy, she learns to find happiness. The subplot shows viewers that being a parent can be tough, as MacKenzie cannot remember the last time she was happy. MacKenzie also doesn’t remember writing the letter, as the letter was written 30 years ago.

Though Disney’s Godmothered is set around Christmastime, viewers should not judge the movie because it takes place during the holiday season. The topics and themes can also be applied to everyday life. The moral of this movie is that everyone celebrates a happily ever after in the way of their choosing. All they need is a little help and a little magic.

The conclusion shows, how MacKenzie is able to find true happiness, even as an adult. True happiness is a goal that anybody—a kid, a teenager, and even a young adult—needs to have, as there are conflicts that affect happiness in everyday life. Since everyone is different, everyone has their ways of finding happiness. In the end, Eleanor is seen in her animated form, leading new fairy godmothers in training based on her experiences.



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