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‘Better Nate Than Ever’ takes to Broadway

The coming-of-age story that brings viewers into the world of Broadway, New York City, with musical talent and LGBTQ leads.

Better Nate Than Ever is a 2022 American musical comedy film written and directed by Tim Federle, based on his 2013 novel of the same name. The film focuses on, Nathan “Nate” Foster, a 13-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a Broadway star. Nate is picked on by everyone at school because he does not follow the traditional male gender role. Men are traditionally into sports; Nate has a strong interest in Broadway shows. The movie brings strong representation and diversity. It consists of the main African American lead role and the main LGBTQ role.

This article will discuss the diversity among LGBTQ people.

LGBTQ+ Representation

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Nathan “Nate” Foster

For one, Nate Foster, the main character in, Better Nate Than Ever, is struggling with his own sexuality. As shown in one scene where his best and only friend, Libby, admits her feelings for him while the two are in New York City alone without adult supervision. Nate gently turns her down by informing her that he is “not like that”. What Nate is trying to tell Libby is that he’s coming out of the closet about his sexuality. The topics of LGBTQ+ and diversity covered in Better Nate Than Ever fit the general theme of LGBT pride.

In addition, viewers see that Libby, played by Aria Brooks, is African-American; bringing strong diversity among African Americans in the film. Viewers who have strong interests in musical theater and Broadway shows will like the songs that Nate performs, as his goal is to become a major Broadway star through several auditions.

Better Nate Than Ever is one of the few films produced by Disney to feature an LGBTQ lead character and a supporting African American character. Therefore, the film maintains some extent of diversity in its LGBTQ+ themes and characters. Even though, Better Nate Than Ever is a Disney film, anyone can enjoy watching it. Better Nate Than Ever is streaming now on Disney Plus.



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