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Are We Going to the Back of The Net?

The importance of trying new things and teamwork are two life lessons explored in this film.

Back Of The Net is a comedy film that focuses on Cory Bailey, a science student who plans on pursuing her dreams of going to a science academy but ends up at a soccer camp. Though she is initially disappointed, Cory learns to make the best of the situation and makes unexpected friends with the people she meets while at the soccer camp. Cory’s kindness and friendly personality allow her to meet other kids in her age group. Back of the Net features strong representation of African Americans, as Cory Bailey (Sofia Wylie), the main character, is of African American descent.

David (Christopher Kirby) and Rebecca Bailey (Melissa Bonne), Cory Bailey’s parents, are also of African American descent and are the supporting characters who encourage their daughter to follow her dreams and explore the world. While Cory is spending the summer away from Los Angeles she has to learn to try new things, be a team player, and apply her scientific knowledge from a different perspective.

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Cory Bailey and her teammates

Back Of The Net shows viewers that sometimes good things happen from unexpected events. Cory Bailey applies her theory of physics to help her teammates on her team, labeled Worst of the Best (WOTB), improve their soccer skills so they can move up to the championship. Even though she gets bullied by her rival, Edie, Cory manages to push through and keep going, which makes her stand out.

Viewers also see the topic of putting one’s knowledge and skills into a different perspective of life. Like how Cory Bailey applies her knowledge of science to help her win the soccer game, people can learn how to use their strengths in different situations.

Overall, Back Of The Net shows a strong representation of African Americans and is effective in showing life lessons to viewers.



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