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Introverts Become Friends in the End: An Incluvie Film Festival Review of “Dear Introvert”

Dear Introvert is a short but sweet film about what it means to be an introvert.

Not a lot of people realize that being introverted is not always a permanent state of mind. Being considered an introvert by others is a complicated thing; not everyone likes being labelled “shy.” Often times, people are still finding themselves, and just have a hard time opening up to others at first — whether it be due to fear of rejection, social anxiety, or negative past experiences. Everyone wants to socialize and make friends, but fear is a very powerful thing. Sometimes though, it takes getting out of your shell just a little and exploring new things to help open your heart to new people, no matter how scary it may be. Dear Introvert explores this idea in a subtle but effective way that helps people better understand what it’s like to be in an introvert’s shoes.

The film begins when a girl puts her note on a tree — a note that describes how being shy has been an aggravating experience for her, but she doesn’t see it necessarily as a bad thing. She thinks that being too open to others can make you share personal feelings with other people when you shouldn’t be. It can cause hurt, pain, and drama.

Eventually, she passes this note onto more people. Other people that have been experiencing the same things — other fellow introverts. Slowly the girl comes to terms with the fact that being too closed off can also cause you to bottle up emotions that you should get out to other people; it can hold you back from making new friends. She begins to detach from her fears and tries to reach out to others like her, and they all pass on the same meaningful note to each other. From bonding over their experiences, this group of shy individuals begins to open up to each other and not be so afraid anymore. They all begin to bloom as individuals, and aren’t afraid to let their inner selves shine.

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By the end of the film, everyone is still “themselves”. They all are still a little reserved, but they have all also begun to open up themselves to others in their own special ways — tearing down their own barriers that were once there before.

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I believe that this was a really unique and interesting reflection on what it means to be an “introvert.” I have gone through a very similar journey that the girl has gone through as well, and I think that any person that has slowly discovered themselves, introvert or not, will find this piece very relatable and intriguing. Isolation is inevitable in all of our lives, but it is up to ourselves to find solace, love, and happiness along the way. That is how we truly grow at the end of the day; opening our hearts to the outside world can often be difficult at times, but it really is worth it in the end.

In addition, this short film was also an excellent source of representation, as almost all of the actors were all POC. It was wonderful to see such a positive and thoughtful message about finding yourself portrayed by a cast of such diversity. In conclusion, I gave Dear Introvert 5 out of 5 stars for it’s excellent representation of cluvies, and 4 out of 5 stars for being a great short film.

Go on and give it a watch here!

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