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Indian Representation in Disney’s Spin

A movie that brings Indian culture with classic Bollywood themes and electronic dance music.

Disney’s Spin (2021) is a Disney Channel Original Movie that brings strong Indian representation to viewers, both on-screen and behind the camera. The film focuses on an Indian-American teenager named Rhea who works at the restaurant “Spirit of India” with her family. Rhea dreams of becoming a DJ since she has a strong passion for music.

The cast members who play the main characters are of Indian descent, bringing strong representation of people of Asian descent. Avantika Vandanapu plays Rhea Kumar, the female lead in Disney’s Spin, and has previously worked in several Indian films. Also, Manjari Makijany is a female director who is of Indian descent, bringing strong diversity behind the camera.

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Rhea Kumar

There are many Indian cultural references that viewers see in Disney’s Spin that are related to the topics and themes covered in the film. Rhea is trying to balance her work at the family’s restaurant and life at her school, as she is determined to make her family and late mother proud. Some Indian cultural references that viewers see are the Hindu festival of Holi, which is an inspiring theme for the school’s homecoming fundraiser “Festival of Colors”, and Bollywood songs.

In addition, viewers get a glimpse of Rhea’s deceased mother in a flashback. Meera, Rhea’s mother, knows a lot about music and passes that knowledge onto her daughter. Rhea has a close relationship with her mother and wants to embrace that part of her by mixing her mother’s music in the track she prepares for the contest. The topic of electronic dance music is covered in Disney’s Spin.

Rhea faces conflict when she has to do several things at the same time, from working at the restaurant to working on her DJ music track. With the help of her grandmother Nani, Rhea works hard to accomplish her goal of becoming a DJ player.

Overall, Disney’s Spin features strong representation of people of Indian descent both on-screen and behind the camera. This film is also the first Disney Channel Original Movie to feature an Indian female lead.



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