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  • ‘prey’ – MiamisFF Review

    ‘prey’ – MiamisFF Review

    The story of the loss of innocence of the young prey who has been maimed by the predator. *Trigger Warning, sexual abuse and assault is discussed in this short film.

  • All Eyes are on ‘KIMI’.

    All Eyes are on ‘KIMI’.

    KIMI is the main character of this film and as much as I wish it was Angela Childs played by Zoe Kravitz, it isn’t. KIMI is a smart device that works not unlike Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Nest assisting in anything from home purchases to music playing all under the guise of only activating when…

  • Violation & The Misused Shock-Horror of Sexual Assault

    Violation & The Misused Shock-Horror of Sexual Assault

    TW: Sexual Assault, Body Horror, Animal Violence // Spoilers below There is no more delicate a topic to portray than sexual assault and, because of its heaviness, it seldom gets the attention and discussion it deserves. However, when it is represented in some capacity, it is usually in an explicit and exploitative way that is…