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  • ‘Minari’: Authenticity Without The Trauma Porn

    ‘Minari’: Authenticity Without The Trauma Porn

    When diverse representation is featured on-screen, it oftentimes comes with strings attached that undermine the message they were trying to send. This can be attributed to the fact that behind-the-screen, the industry primarily does not reflect the breadth of diverse difference that is present in daily life. That’s why when something as powerful and authentic…

  • Validating Bimbos & Erin Brockovich

    Validating Bimbos & Erin Brockovich

    Unless you’re on the wrong side of Tik Tok, aka Straight Tik Tok, you definitely have seen the growing popularity and comeback of the Bimbo trend  -  now extending to the gender-inclusive Himbo, Bimbo, and Thembo. It has been reclaimed as a feminist concept, as a way to praise femininity, subvert the male gaze, and…