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  • The Weirdness that is ‘Severance’

    The Weirdness that is ‘Severance’

    Severance is about breaking down facades and confronting old models that were once frameworks of our lives. The somewhat subtle message to me is it’s never too late to fall in love, no matter your insecurities. 

  • “Keanu” Paved the Way for “Get Out”

    “Keanu” Paved the Way for “Get Out”

    Jordan Peele’s turn to horror with “Get Out” isn’t as unexpected as it may seem. He primed his fans for a disturbing and nuanced exploration of racism with his work on “Keanu” and “Key & Peele.”

  • Get Out Movie Review

    Get Out Movie Review

    It’s no wonder Peele won an academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. His script is layered with perspective and subtlety. Through a terrific vision, Peele creates the gift that keeps on giving. The clues and symbolic representations are aplenty, and as each viewing passes, you are destined to find something new. That’s a mark of…