“Relic” Presents the Fear of Aging- Horror Movie Review

Despite our youth-obsessed society, growing old is a privilege afforded mostly to first-world countries. Even then, aging well-staying physically and mentally fit — remains out of reach for many. The loss of control over one’s own body and mind can be frightening, and for those watching it happen to loved ones, it can be a horror show. This fear then leads to one of the last stands of prejudice in many western societies: agism. Nothing causes fear quite like a loss of control, and nothing causes loss of control quite like the process of aging. Relic (2020, Prime Video) runs with this idea to create a modern masterpiece of quiet horror where the only monsters are that of mental and physical breakdown. The domestic sphere of house and home are already linked to womanhood, and in the case of Relic that link becomes literal.

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Not here for your hagsploitation fetish

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Did something just move in this closet?

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There are some things even a warm bath can’t fix

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This scene makes me miss my own grandmas :’-(

Article by Meredith Morgenstern on 8/5/2020 (Horror Movie Review)





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