Mark Wahlberg Still Not Canceled

Why is Mark Wahlberg Still Not Canceled?

Mark Wahlberg has been known for starring in such movies as The Departed, The Fighter, and Boogie Nights. However, one must never forget Wahlberg’s dark and disgusting past that should make everyone in Hollywood tilt their heads and raise an eyebrow with a look of concern and displeasure. 

Wahlberg began as a recording artist as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. He later went into the 90s debuting with the telefilm The Substitute. However, things were not all sunshine and rainbows with the artist-turned-actor. 

Mark Wahlberg’s Troubling Past

It was leaked some time ago that Wahlberg, back in 1986, along with three of his friends were charged with chasing three black children, throwing rocks at them, and chanting “Kill the n*ggers” until an ambulance driver stopped them. 

The following day, he harassed a group of black children on the beach and even summoned other white adults to join in the harassment of the minorities. Moreover, he attacked two Vietnamese men while high on PCP and only served 45 days in prison. 

I don’t give a damn how great he can dance and act. Wahlberg did some deplorable things, and 45 days in jail should not cut it, in this case. I understand that cancel culture may get out of hand when you try canceling people for incorrectly calling someone by the wrong pronoun, which may have been unintentional. 

In Wahlberg’s case, however, his actions should have overridden any mercy that the court weighed in. Knowing later that he was trying to seek a pardon only made things worse for him as he literally acknowledged the events and “attempted” to apologize for his misdeeds. 

The thing is, people like Wahlberg will only apologize if they have something to lose, which he did. His glamorous life, his reputation, and his career were all at stake. Had he made nothing of his life and been a name that nobody cared at all about, he would have no incentive to apologize and would have probably committed racist acts again. The fact that he was famous and the world was looking into his life, caused him to shift his attitude (or pretend to anyways) for the sake of liberal Hollywood. 

Whether we like it or not, however, it’s not exactly Wahlberg who is the problem. It’s the lenient action that the courts took that is truly the problem, and the only way to fix it is to come down hard on hate crimes and, especially, physical attacks motivated by race. The only way to stop this is to cut it off from the source. Obviously, that takes time.

Long story short…..f*** you Mark Wahlberg!





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