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‘Tom & Jerry’: A Live-Action Cat-And-Mouse Chase

A cat-and-mouse chase that will make viewers nostalgic for the cartoon series.

Tom & Jerry is a 2021 live-action movie that takes place in New York City and is based on the cartoon series of the same name. This film takes place in a world filled with cartoon characters and humans, blending the elements of animation within New York, a real location. Viewers will see the two rival title characters cause trouble to one another as well as the residents of New York while having some laughs. The tagline for this movie is “Best of Enemies. Worst of friends.” which fits perfectly.

One feature that viewers see is that Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse have no speaking roles, as they play themselves like in the cartoon show. However, archived vocal recordings are used to emphasize their personalities. In addition, the theme of Tom & Jerry is a cat-and-mouse chase. The cat-and-mouse chase happens frequently in many scenes, as one tries to sabotage the other’s attempts to reach his goal. Both title characters struggle with their differences, and the chase reflects their anger and disdain for each other. Viewers will also learn that actions speak louder than words.

This image consists of Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry

Though the cat-and-mouse chase and several mishaps will make viewers laugh, we see that there is no specific representation of a minority. Many actors who played the human characters are white, and some African American, Asian, and Hispanic actors are given minor roles.

Tom & Jerry has received mostly negative reviews, but viewers will easily recognize this pair of rivals from their cartoon series of the same name. Comical moments from this film include mouse traps and Tom’s several failed attempts to capture Jerry.

Overall, Tom & Jerry shows viewers how adding cartoon animals into the real world is part of special effects, and is fun for the entire family.






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