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This Year, ‘Mickey Saves Christmas’ for the Kids

An animated short movie that never gets old, especially with iconic characters from the Disney series.

Mickey Saves Christmas is a 2022 short film produced in stop-motion animation and features everyone’s favorite iconic characters. The friends return in this holiday special, but instead of the traditional 2D animation style, they are now in stop-motion animation. Still, the new animated style of the characters keeps the old holiday traditions and spirits alive for the viewers.

An African American woman named Debra Wilson voices Daisy Duck, so viewers see some representation of African American women, as Debra Wilson is given a major role. Other cast members reprise their roles, as they have for decades since the original cartoon of the legendary Mickey Mouse. In addition, the other cast members are white.

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Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto

There are funny moments in this short film Mickey Saves Christmas, such as Pluto creating accidents in Mickey’s cabin and Santa’s workshop. Like other Christmas movies, viewers learn to find the true meaning of the holiday. A major Easter egg that viewers easily notice is the Mickey Mouse symbol, composed of the mouse’s head and ears. This Easter egg is seen in many scenes of the short film, indicating to the audience that Disney created this short film.

The characters include Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, and Pluto in stop-motion animation. The song that is centered around the holiday theme is “Christmas is Nearly Here”. Mickey learns that the holidays are more than just decorations and presents; it’s about celebrating with the people you care about.

The short film Mickey Saves Christmas is a short yet exciting film for young viewers. It gives viewers the importance of thinking of others during the holiday season, and not getting too busy will all the lights and decorations.



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