‘The Wrong Missy’ is a Miss

I think the more Netflix originals I watch, the less enjoyment that I get out of them, or perhaps the pandemic has dulled my feelings to the point that there’s nothing but numbness; I don’t know, but what I do know is that I don’t want to watch this train wreck of a film ever again.

The Wrong Missy is about a guy named Tim (Davide Spade) who invites the wrong person to a tropical retreat. He was meant to bring a beautiful and talented woman named Missy (Molly Sims), but instead, invites a loud and obnoxious girl who’s name is also Missy (Lauren Lapkus). Get it? The whole film’s one big misunderstanding. Laugh.

Yeah, I only laughed once, and it was at the last second of the film; the last second. I dunno, maybe the pandemic rendered me into a humorless husk of my former self, but I didn’t find this funny. The film’s loud, awkward, and exceptionally uncomfortable. Tim gets assaulted by the loud Missy twice and it’s played for laughs. Twice.

Missy is not a likable character. Sure, she somewhat changes her attitude by the end, but it doesn’t excuse her ridiculous behavior before. She’s always yelling, acts immature, causes mayhem; you’re tempted to hit her over the head with something. She’s that bad.

I know she’s supposed to be obnoxious since that’s the point of her character but it’s not quirky, it’s not cute, you just feel embarrassed whenever she pops up on screen. If she was a real person, I would run far away from her and never look back.

Not only is the film annoying with an obnoxious character, but it also drags. It drags so much. I kept pausing the movie to see how much I had left and I wanted to yell into a pillow. I watched this with my boyfriend so at least I had someone to complain about this film with, instead of going crazy alone.

So, anything good about the movie? Well, there’s a guy who’s missing three fingers because a shark ate them. Somehow, that made me curious to know more of his story. Like, why did the shark only eat three of his fingers and not the whole hand or arm? What provoked the shark to eat the guy’s fingers? Why am I more interested in a guy with missing fingers than the rest of the film? Maybe I simply wanted to find some enjoyment in something. Anything.

Rob Schneider plays this guy who’s supposed to be Hawaiian, and Schneider is definitely not Hawaiian. So, yeah, that’s pretty bad. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and had a bad mustache so there’s that. Speaking of, there was barely any diversity in the film. There’s a huge cast of characters but there were no POC in sight. So yeah, not much diversity, our main female protagonist is annoying, and the other Missy is a plot device.

Overall, The Wrong Missy is not a good film. It’s not even a so-bad-it’s-good kind of film. It fails as a comedy, and fails to be entertaining. I was either bored or annoyed out of my mind and wanted to rip out every strand of my hair. The concept might’ve sounded a tad bit interesting, but the execution was terrible.

The characters aren’t likable, the story is predictable and the humor is either disgusting, obnoxious, or uncomfortable. The Wrong Missy is a mess of a film and it’s not really worth your time. Though, unless you like to physically cringe in your seat, then go right ahead and watch it on Netflix.


Originally published by Lauren Massuda on May 18, 2020


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