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Taylor Swift’s Documentary in Miss Americana

Taylor Swift details her successful music career in country and pop genres in this featured documentary film Miss Americana.

Miss Americana is a 2020 documentary film that focuses on one of the most iconic artists of all time. From an early age, the artist recorded and released several songs within the country genre, then slowly shed her country image as she transitioned to pop. The artist has been featured in the reputation stadium tour concert film released on Netflix in 2018; the film became an unforgettable success in her music career.

The documentary opens with Taylor Swift performing as a young girl on stage in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. In high school, she successfully produced and released her first country album. Her song “Tim McGraw” became one of the most popular country songs of her generation. She also released two more country albums titled “Fearless” and “Speak Now”. Taylor Swift explored the blended genre of country and pop in her “Red” studio album. She shed her country image and released pop songs through her first pop album “1989”.

this image is of Taylor Swift and her mom
Taylor Swift and her mother, Andrea Swift

Taylor Swift stars as herself. Viewers also see archived footage of her adolescence, her parents, and music record producers who released her studio albums. In addition, we see how she discusses sensitive topics she avoided during her interviews, such as toxic internet culture and her sexual assault trial.

Some content and language featured in Miss Americana may not be suitable for younger audiences, as evidenced by sensitive topics Taylor Swift has the courage to speak about. This shows viewers that, despite her popularity and iconic image, she is not perfect. She is human, like other artists and everyone else. The sensitive subjects Taylor Swift avoided symbolizes an artist’s inner struggles and personal life, which often is hidden from fans.

Overall, this documentary film is recommended for older audiences due to its mature topics, sensitive content, and language.



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