This image is the opening scene for Tactica & Estrategia

‘TACTICA & ESTRATEGIA’ – MiamisFF review

This MiamisFF review is on the short film Tactica & Estrategia, a Spanish-speaking film that contains English subtitles. The main topic of the short film is finding your own tactics and strategies for everyday problems of life, as hinted by the film’s title, which translates to “Tactic & Strategy”.

From the short film’s opening scene, the main character serves as the narrator, speaking her lines in Spanish which are translated into English subtitles. The viewers see the main character getting into her morning routine, deciding what to do at every step of the routine. The narration goes with the storyline in a voice-over; the main character speaks English when not doing her narration.

This image is of the main character
The main character

In many scenes of this short film, we see a close-up of the main character’s face. Through her voice-over, the main character whose name is unknown discusses what her tactics and strategies are. She states “my tactic is to be honest and to know that you are honest”, emphasizing why honesty is important.

Some scenes change from color to black and white. Also, some transitions between scenes are not uniform, meaning that the storyline is a bit choppy for viewers to understand the full message behind this short film.

The viewers don’t know what the main character’s name is because her name is not mentioned at all in this short film. We also see that she is the only character who appears on-screen; there are no supporting characters. I give this short film a fair score because there are some things the creator can work on.

One major element is that the storyline has to make sense. The creator can include a climax to make the plot more exciting. There is also a poor sense of direction, reducing the quality of this short film.






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