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‘My Perfect Romance’ Came at the Right Time

A film that focuses on an algorithm for a dating app that will bring viewers in for a surprise.

My Perfect Romance (2018) is a film that focuses on an algorithm for a dating app. Vivian Blair (Kimberly-Sue Murray), the main protagonist, faces a conflict with her boss, as she feels her boss is taking advantage of her while she is at work. Her coworkers are being supportive of her while Vivian is struggling to find her “perfect match” in real life.

My Perfect Romance centers around the dating app “My Perfect Match”, where compatibility comes first. As described by Vivian Blair, people say that love is blind. “My Perfect Match” determines the mathematical method of love, rather than people’s opinions on what their ideal matches are like.

This image is of Wes Robinson and Vivian Blair
Wes Robinson and Vivian Blair

Wes Robinson, the person who runs Robinson Tech and Vivian’s boss, takes advantage of her as well as his personal assistant, as he focuses on his personal interests rather than what’s best for the company. The main conflict shown in My Perfect Romance mirrors the challenges and struggles couples face in life, especially in the workplace. Vivian Blair’s interactions with Wes Robinson show viewers that disagreements among couples are inevitable. Emotions that are associated with these disagreements include anger and jealousy.

There is strong representation of women in My Perfect Romance, including one woman who is of African American descent and one woman who is of Asian descent, although the women presented are mostly on camera. The main conflict is associated with the representation of women in this film, as Vivian Blair is struggling to compromise with Wes Robinson.

Many of the main characters presented in this film are adults, so viewers get a glimpse of what being in the workplace is like. In addition, viewers also get to see text messages and emoticons in a live-action film.

Overall, My Perfect Romance is a great film for people who are curious to learn about the true nature of relationships.



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