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Living in The Real World in ‘Dog Gone Trouble’

A pampered dog who gets lost and has to learn to live on his own while being flexible with his surroundings.

Dog Gone Trouble is a comedy film that centers around a pampered dog who lives in a mansion and unexpectedly gets lost in the real world. The themes and topics of the film are similar to the topics shown in Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008). Trouble (Big Sean), the main character, has traits similar to Chloe from the Beverly Hills Chihuahua film series.

This image consists of Trouble living as a stray
Trouble as a stray

The opening scene shows Trouble being used to his luxurious life in his owner’s mansion, similar to how Chloe is used to her pampered life in Beverly Hills by her wealthy owner. All of this changes when Trouble finds himself in an open field miles away from his mansion home without any experience with the outside world. Trouble soon realizes that he looks like a stray dog who has no companions of his own.

Zoe Bell (Lucy Hale), the pizza delivery girl, forms a bond with Trouble after finding out that he is a stray dog who needs help. This shows viewers that true friendship comes from within, as Zoe is willing to care for Trouble despite her dreams of entering a singing competition. In other words, Zoe puts Trouble’s needs before hers, a sign of true friendship. The topic of true friendship is explored further in Dog Gone Trouble when Trouble learns to make friends with the other dogs he meets, as shown in the dog park and dog pound scenes. The dogs he befriends are willing to help him realize who his true owner really is, especially after his former owner became deceased at the start of the film.

This image consists of Zoe Bell
Zoe Bell

The actor who voices Trouble is Sean “Big Sean” Anderson, who is an African American rapper. The way Big Sean voices the lead character in Dog Gone Trouble shows some representation of African Americans in the film, alongside Snoop Dogg, who voices the character, Snoop. Other actors consist of white men and white women.

The former owner’s greedy twins Claire and Norbert are the main antagonists, as they are only using Trouble to gain their deceased aunt’s inheritance. Zoe Bell is the supporting character who, instead of hoarding the inheritance all to herself, uses the money to help the community and the dogs.

Overall, Dog Gone Trouble has some similarities to Beverly Hills Chihuahua, as both main characters, Trouble and Chloe, have to get used to being outside their comfort zones. Viewers will learn the true meaning of friendship in this animated film.



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