Cheaper by the Dozen 2022

Cheaper By the Dozen: a 2022 Family-Comedy Remake

Cheaper by the Dozen (2022) Has More Diversity

Cheaper By the Dozen is a 2022 family-comedy remake of the films and novel of the same name. This remake focuses on a blended family of 12 family members, the Bakers. Compared to other films, this new Cheaper by the Dozen has a lot of representation and diversity, as the film has a diverse cast. In addition, there is discussion on “racial profiling”, which is very relevant to representation and diversity in film.

This article will discuss why this remake of Cheaper By the Dozen has strong representation and diversity.


This image is of the blended family
Cheaper By the Dozen: the blended family

For one, many of the cast members in this film are African Americans. The strong representation of African Americans in this remake brings strong inclusivity, in comparison to previous remakes, as the film’s main focus is a blended family of 12 family members. In addition, the topics of the remake of Cheaper By the Dozen are ethnicity and “racial profiling”, which tie in with the theme of a blended family. The blended family consists of family members from different racial backgrounds, indicating to viewers that people from different ethnic groups can be together cohesively.

Also, Gail Lerner, the director of this remake of Cheaper By the Dozen, is a woman, bringing diversity behind the camera. There is also representation of women on-screen based off on the cast members who are main female leads.

Racial Profiling

As seen in many scenes of the remake, racial profiling is a serious issue. Racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offense. This is related to racism and racial segregation, as this term is being used against African Americans oftentimes. The serious issue of racial profiling is the main reason why viewers need to learn the importance of representation and diversity, as seen in this remake of Cheaper By the Dozen. The African American characters in this remake face conflict that is around racist practices.

Overall, this remake is an excellent example of racial issues happening in today’s society, and the importance of representation and diversity among characters in this blended family.


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