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A Man Who Indeed is ‘Rescued By Ruby’

Another story focuses on the bond between a young man and a shelter dog in this Netflix drama film.

Rescued By Ruby (2022) is a biological drama film that focuses on a young adult state trooper, Dan who dreams of joining an elite K-9 unit after being rejected many times, and has only one last chance to qualify before he turns 30. The theme of this film focuses on the bond between a man and a dog, which is Dan and Ruby, similar to the bond between Ryder and Chase in Paw Patrol: The Movie (2021).

This article will discuss the topics of “a dog is a man’s best friend” and search and rescue, as seen in Rescued By Ruby.

this image is of Daniel O'Neil, a state trooper
Grant Gustin as Daniel “Dan” O’Neil

For one, Dan discovers how one adopted dog can change his life. Ruby, a hyperactive collie that has been returned to the shelter multiple times due to her inability to be trained, is given an opportunity of a lifetime to become a K-9 dog. After hearing that his wife, Melissa, is pregnant with their second child, Dan is more determined to be qualified for the K-9 unit. Pat, the woman who works at the animal shelter, convinces and encourages Dan to adopt Ruby, so Ruby can be well trained.

Dan’s attempts to train Ruby as a SAR dog (search and rescue) are very similar to how Ryder trains his search and rescue pups in the popular cartoon series Paw Patrol. Dan and Ruby learn the effectiveness of teamwork through successes and failures. Though Ruby becomes impatient at some point during the training, Dan does not give up. At the end of Rescued By Ruby, Dan discovers that Ruby is able to rescue a little boy, Michael who gets lost during a hike. Michael turns out to be Pat’s son. The way Ruby is able to track down the lost boy shows viewers that, with proper training, they can perform well in their jobs just like people. Dan learns that Ruby is his new best friend and gets accepted into the elite K-9 unit, finally fulfilling his dream.

Rescued By Ruby is another movie that focuses on what it’s like for rescue workers to do their jobs. Although, the film has been directed by the phenomenal Katt Shea known for Poison Ivy (1992)  and The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999), there is not much diversity. Furthermore, this movie would be even better if it contained a more diverse cast.

Overall, Rescued By Ruby is an amazing film that shows viewers how hard it is for rescue workers to do their jobs.



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