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Kung Fu Chit - Incluvie Film Festival

Kung Fu Chit was a beautifully made, empowering short film that really spoke to me.

Featured in Incluvie’s 2020 Film Festival, Kung Fu Chit tells the story of a girl who doesn’t quite fit in. At school, she is more of a reserved person, and because of this, she feels truly isolated there. She likens her experience to being stuck “in a small box with no air holes — almost suffocating.”

Kung Fu Chit – Incluvie Film Festival

However, it is when she is at her Kung Fu studio that she reveals her true self.
She smells burning incense, hears the steady beat of the drum, the swoosh of the broadsword, and feels the unison and spirit of her team. This is her home — where she is surrounded by teammates and family. It is there that her inner self is revealed, and she blossoms. She feels a sense of belonging, of unity. Most importantly, she is able to be herself — powerful and free.

Kung Fu Chit - stance - Incluvie Film Festival
Kung Fu Chit – stance – Incluvie Film Festival

The moment I watched Kung Fu Chit, I became steeped in the story. There were few words spoken in this brief film, and yet it still managed to evoke many strong emotions in it’s short duration. The lead actress told an entire story with her own actions that spoke louder than words. I could see her feelings — whether it be from the pure, jarring isolation she felt alone at school, to the peace and warmth of feeling at home in her Kung Fu studio. In addition, I adored the poetic feel of the script and cinematography, the distinctive set pieces, and the striking message of the film as well.

Kung Fu Chit - incense - Incluvie Film Festival
Kung Fu Chit – incense – Incluvie Film Festival

The primary reason why Kung Fu Chit was so powerful though, was its relate-ability. Anyone who has ever experienced not fitting in with the crowd will find solace in this short film which describes the feeling of isolation perfectly to all audiences alike. I think that people of all backgrounds can easily put themselves into the shoes of the protagonist and empathize; it is when we are in places where our interests and passions are, that we truly feel at home and are able to be ourselves.

Kung Fu Chit - class - Incluvie Film Festival
Kung Fu Chit – class – Incluvie Film Festival

In reflection, I thought that this was a very heartwarming short film. Not only was the lead character a cluvie, but everything about it was very meaningful — I think we can all relate to the theme of isolation during these rather difficult times right now. The film struck a chord with me in particular, being a longtime sufferer of social anxiety myself. I am often more of an open book when in places where I can do the things I love, surrounded by close friends and family. Kung Fu Chit shows that you should never judge a book by it’s cover — and under a shy, reserved exterior, is a spirited individual with their own life, personal passions, and strengths.

Kung Fu Chit is definitely a worthwhile watch not only for a great cluvie main character, but also for its positive, empowering message.

Go and watch the film at the Incluvie Film Festival 2020!

WRITTEN BY: Jazmyn McLain on December 9, 2020


Incluvie Score 5
Incluvie Score 5

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