Short Film Spotlight: An A Peel for Justice by Jeff Aquino

This week, Incluvie wanted to highlight an up-and-coming talent soon to be recognized by the annual Incluvie Film Fest coming Spring 2022. Jeff Aquino’s film “Viral” placed second in 2020’s film fest, and he’s back again with his film An A Peel for Justice. 

No description available.

A cast of spritely characters, all played by Aquino, tells a story of betrayal while pondering the parallels of loss and isolation we’ve all experienced over the course of the pandemic. With a healthy dose of humor, Jeff and his produce-crisper gaggle of friends try not to take themselves too seriously as this Film-Noir comedy tries to incorporate many dramatic twists. 

Jeff embodies the joys of early filmmaking with this piece: catharsis. He truly manages to explore the feelings and issues of a distanced lifestyle while injecting levity and creativity. His acting, writing, and editing choices are all playful. He proves that a loaded budget does not make the film, an artist with something to say does. I’m very much looking forward to his continued works being submitted to Incluvie, we can’t wait to watch his star rise! 

No description available.

I watched this fun short film in the middle of a very hectic week, and it succeeded in the important task of reminding me to take a breath and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer, such as laughing at the fiendish fruits of a funny filmmaker. 

If you’d like to follow Jeff’s directorial adventures along with us, follow him on Instagram at @ikilleddisco or on Youtube. All the best to him in our upcoming online festival and we hope to see you all there!



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