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MCU Films and How to Watch Them In Order

At this time, there are 29 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s epic multiverse of superheroes and villains. The MCU has become quite marvelous indeed, with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as the newest one. There are so many interwoven stories, themes, character arcs, timelines, and dimensions! In order to keep track of the MCU saga and figure out what to watch when, here’s a list of those that have come out — as well as what’s coming up! With links to the Incluvie movie – plus related articles and Incluvie scores.

Hustlers Should’ve Hustled More!

Hustlers was meant to be a film about female empowerment. And it was, to a certain extent. I expected and wanted this to be a kickass and complex film of sexy women who use their confidence, skills, and wits towards a brilliant plan to get revenge on the Wall Street guys who wronged them.

Black Panther: Cultural Significance in America

Black Panther was obviously an epic movie and big hit! It was the highest-earning superhero movie of all time in the US! It’s pretty clear that Black Panther has more meaning for race and diversity than your average Marvel superhero movie. This movie means a lot in terms of black pride and representation – and has much cultural significance in America as a whole.